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Surefire Strategies to Get Laser-Targeted Traffic

Every blogger’s dream is to get more traffic. Right? What is the use of mere traffic? (traffic that won’t convert?) Here are some of the strategies to help you get laser-targeted traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate and profit. Targeting the right keyword Before targeting the keyword for your blog post, ask yourself. “What keywords users could search to find your content?” “Is your post answering the query made by the visitor?” In real life, ask your friend, relative, colleague. “What first comes to their mind when they think of your post title or keyword?” You can also do it by yourself. “What comes to your mind, when you think of the keyword on which you are blogging about?” Now your job is to create super relevant content. Make use of semantic research and use LSI keywords in your content. By doing this, Google completely understands your content. It increases the chances of your content ranking high for the right search term in Google. If you are driving the wrong traffic to your blog, bounce rate spikes up, average visit time drops down. That’s the moment you want to reconsider your content. Otherwise, slowly you will lose your rankings. Also read: Pogosticking: How to Detect and Fix it for Good SEO Blog commenting It is one of the most effective strategies to get targeted visitors to your blog or website. Commenting on blogs that have already gathered great loyal readership is important. Find great blogs and sites, which already have high traffic and authority. Check the blogs daily. Leave comments on the latest posts. Try to be the first commenter. Leave long, insightful comments. The readers of that blog who come across your comment surely visit your blog. There is an increased chance of them becoming the loyal reader of your blog. Becoming the very first commenter for authoritative blogs in your niche helps a lot. Publish a blog post on a topic. Search for other blog posts on the web similar to your new blog post topic. Leave insightful comments on that blog post. Instead of linking to your homepage, link to your blog post on the same topic. It works great. Also read: Blog commenting Benefits, Strategies and Best Practices Guest posting This is a great way to expose yourself to the audience of other great blogs. The audience of the blog who come across your awesome guest post, more likely to become a regular reader of your blog. It also helps in link building. The great thing about this is, it increases loyal direct readers to your site. They manually enter the URL of your site in the address bar and come to your blog. It’s a great sign of authority and trust. It’s a great way to drive attention of other blog readers, to your quality content. Always guest blog on highly relevant blogs. It offers you a higher probability of every visitor converting to a regular reader of your blog. Take part in niche forums There are forums for almost all niches. Forum is the place in which users have burning problems. These forums are the places where your target audience live. The two main advantages of forums are, Finding common problems in your niche. Getting potential targeted traffic. Choose a particular forum, take part actively in the forum. Provide value-added answers to the questions asked in the forum regularly. Don’t be afraid to start new threads, and interact with other users. As you take part more and more in niche forums, you will be rewarded with laser targeted traffic and loyal readership. Forums are the place in which most of the targeted niche visitors and readers hang out. Take part in social media groups Taking part in social media groups and active communities helps in getting more targeted readers and traffic to your blog. Do not waste time taking part in Facebook groups. Because most of them are dormant for driving traffic. The social media communities and groups that you should not ignore are Google Plus communities and LinkedIn groups. Most active social media communities belong to LinkedIn. In it, almost all groups are active and conversational. Actively taking part in highly interactive groups greatly helps in driving targeted traffic to your blog or site. Getting targeted traffic from Facebook Surefire way to get targeted traffic from Facebook is via Facebook ads. Targeting your competitors’ page likes, is of a great deal. Another trick to get more targeted visitors from Facebook is: 1. Identifying your competitors’ effective fan page. 2. Finding out Facebook users who interact more with your competitors’ page. 3. Find out the place those users usually hang out or send them friend requests. 4. Interact with them, share with them your strategies. Help them. Build a great relationship.

Saturday, 12 September 2015


I love you. (Unless you've already said it before) If you haven't said "I love you" to the person you're in bed with before, don't say it to them now. Yes, we know you're just in the moment and may not mean it, but if you say it to someone you just met, you'll look like a bona fide crazy person. If you say it to someone you've been casually dating for a while, but haven't gotten serious with, you'll surely scare him off with your bold declaration. Either way, your romp is over; there's just no way to win with this one. So just keep it simple: Moan, breathe, and call him baby. 2.Hurry up! Sometimes it's not the best sex of your life, but rushing your bedmate will only make it worse. Telling him to hurry up will let him know you're not having fun, and it will seriously detract from his performance. You don't want it to get worse, do you? The best thing you can do is just let him have his fun, and try to enjoy yourself. Play into it, act like you love it, and when he's finished, kick him to the curb and never ask him back up. It's as simple as that. 3.Will you marry me? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down there, girl. It's wonderful if you're having such great sex that you want to lock the guy down for the rest of your life, but this isn't the time or place. Bringing up the "m" word is guaranteed to end your night early and maybe even scare your guy off for good. If you really want to commit to this guy, show him by being really into him in the bedroom. He'll love the attention, and maybe, just maybe, he'll think about asking you on another date. 4.My ex used to do it this way: Bringing up past sexual partners is a sure-fire way to insecurity. Don't make your current bedmate feel like he's not good enough, otherwise you're the one who will feel the consequences. If he doesn't feel sexy, he can't give you the sexy. Got it.If there's something you want him to do, take command and show him, but don't bring up exes or old flames; you're only going to make him jealous and turned off. 5.The wrong name. This one's bad. There's no quicker way to end a romp than by calling someone by the wrong name. If you're unsure of your partner's name - don't attempt to say it at all. If you somehow get it right, you're in the clear; however, if you get it wrong (which is pretty likely) you're in the doghouse. It's disrespectful, rude, and shows them you were really just in it for the sex all along. If you're questioning their name in any way: don't say it. And definitely don't guess. 6.Don't tell my boyfriend. When a guy hears this, it's a huge cue to slam on the brakes. One, they're violating man code: they shouldn't be with someone else's girl. Two, what if the boyfriend is bigger than him? What if he's a real tough guy with anger issues? A guy isn't going to get beat up just for a one-night stand. You can bet your bedmate will bolt if he hears this red flag phrase. 7.Are those real? If they don't bring it up, you shouldn't either. If you're with someone who's had plastic surgery, they're likely proud of it - and will have no problem showing it off or telling you about it. If you suspect they've had surgery, but they don't mention it, If you're wrong, it could be offensive and, most likely, mood-killing. So save yourself the trouble and keep your lips sealed. Just enjoy the view. 8.Thanks. Nothing makes someone feel used more than saying "thank you" after a romp in the sack. You should both enjoy yourselves and receive mutual satisfaction. Thanks shouldn't be necessary; if they are, someone's doing something wrong. Unless you're paying your partner for the dirty (which is illegal in most states), just tell them you had fun. Save the thanks for your waiter at dinner. 9.Let's turn the lights off. We all like to feel sexy and shown off. Telling someone you want to turn the lights off is like saying, "I just don't want to look at you." It's a one-way ticket to insecurity and hurt feelings for your partner, both of which will put a major damper on your sexy session. Just don't say it. If you're not interested in them, be respectful and tell them; don't make them feel unworthy or unattractive. That won't result in a fun experience for either of you. 10.I think the condom just broke. If you want to throw your partner into a full-blown panic attack and completely ruin the mood, then say this line. Nothing is more frightening or heart-stopping to a single man or woman than a pregnancy scare, so unless you're totally sure, don't go there. By the way, this is never a funny joke. (

Friday, 11 September 2015

Apple's Siri interrupts White House press briefing to respond to a Iran nuclear agreement

Press Secretary John Earnest was asked about the Iran nuclear agreement But another reporter's iPhone Siri feature was accidentally activated Before Mr Earnest had a chance to

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Facebook (FB) Facebook ranks Nigeria, Kenya top as active mobile users in Africa

Facebook is rapidly growing in Africa. The largest social network announced over 15 million monthly active users in Nigeria as of June 30, in a data report released Thursday. The statistics, first reported by Reuters, also revealed that Facebook has 4.5 million monthly active users in Kenya, which brings northern Africa’s total user base to about 20 million monthly active users. These new markets are supplemented by approximately 12 million monthly active users in South Africa, Reuters reports. Unsurprisingly, most of these users are accessing the social network via mobile. Out of Kenya’s 4.5 million active users, 95 percent use mobile. That not only aligns with Facebook’s emphasis on mobile products in the United States, but also follows in the network launching Facebook Lite, a slimmed down version of the mobile website. Facebook first released the app in June 2015 and tested it in Asian and African markets, including Nigeria and South Africa, TechCrunch reports. "Mobile is not a trend; it’s the fastest adoption of disruptive technology in history of communication," Nunu Ntshingila, Facebook’s head of Africa, said in a statement to Reuters. Facebook has been preaching similar words for months now. “Mobile is not a trend; it’s the fastest development in communications we’ve ever seen. This couldn’t be more true for Africa – where so many people are mobile-only,” Facebook’s vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Nicola Mendelsohn said in a statement, following the company’s launch of its new office in Johannesburg in June. The mobile market is growing in Africa, with more users switching from basic cell phones to smartphones. Ernest Nti Acheampong, a researcher at African Technology Policy Studies Network, told International Business Times in June, “It’s going to take a while but eventually the gap will close. [Facebook] should find a niche, carve that nice, build it and make it prosperous.” Indeed, Facebook has begun to build up the userbase. In September last year, Facebook reported there were 100 million active users in Africa. Now, the network is boasting 120 million. As to making the market prosperous, Facebook Lite may not be able to hold the bandwidth of video ads but it is not without advertising potential. Facebook told Reuters that the office in Johannesburg will serve as a hub for business.

Beyonce's Best Instagram Style

The "7/11" singer welcomed the season in a white tank tucked into a hot-pink wrap skirt emblazoned with corn. Pink-rimmed sunnies and a yellow clutch completed the ensemble.

Bella Hadid Goes Public With Boyfriend The Weeknd, Packs on the PDA While Partying With Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd have been dating since May, but hadn’t stepped out publicly together until Tuesday night. The model, 18, and the chart-topping R&B artist, 25, hit up New York City hot spots 1Oak and Up & Down with pals Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Hailey Baldwin on Sept. 8. PHOTOS: Celebrity couples Wearing a side boob flashing one-piece with leather pants, Yolanda Foster’s younger daughter held hands with the “Can’t Feel My Face” singer, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, while making her way out of the club.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

MUST READ:5 things women won't tell you about sex (but you need to know)

1) We can tell when you’re doing something because you saw it in a porno. Most sex in porn is about what’s good for the camera, not what’s good for the participants in it, especially the women. In fact, many things that look good in porn can keep us from having fun in real-life sex. For instance, in porn the only parts of their bodies the actors often touch are their genitals, so that the camera can get a full view of the action. But in real life, sex is more of a whole-body experience, and the genital-only thing can feel cold and masturbatory. Of course, we know that men know this, and most would deny that they’re doing stuff because it looked good in a porn and not because it felt good in the moment. So we’d rather not bring it up when you do stuff that looks better in porn than it feels in life. We don’t want to argue over whether or not that’s what you’re doing. But when you do something you picked up in a porn that doesn’t add to the real-life pleasure, we take notice and we’re often hoping you get it out of your system so we can move on to activities that are actually fun. 2) Endurance is overrated. It’s not that jokes about two-pump chumps are completely baseless. Women do like having sex, and most of us can point to at least one or two experiences where a man orgasmed as soon as he touched you, and then rolled over and fell asleep while you wondered if that was all you’re going to get. But just because women would prefer intercourse to last more than 60 seconds doesn’t mean that longer is always better. If you consider a point of pride that you can thrust away for an hour without coming, there’s a high chance your partner is lying under you wondering how on earth she can say she’d have liked to wrap it up 40 minutes ago, but is afraid to say anything because she doesn’t want to stomp all over your accomplishments. The vagina’s ability to continue lubricating itself is limited, which can make marathon sex feel more like a duty than a joy. 3) We actually do know what will get us to orgasm. Are you trying this and then trying that and finding nothing works to get her there? There’s a strong possibility she actually knows exactly what needs to happen, because she’s had practice masturbating, but is afraid to say so because her path to orgasm has been perceived by other men or the culture at large as bitchy or emasculating. She might feel that bringing a vibrator in bed will make you feel like less than a man, or she might worry that having you eat her out at length is boring for you. So she won’t ask. If you suspect this might be the case, it’s well worth bringing up. But don’t do it during sex, when fear of judgment is that much higher. While you’re sitting on the couch watching American Idol will lower the stakes of this discussion tremendously. 4) “Getting there” is more trouble than it’s worth. This is only true for a minority of women, but when I put the call out on Twitter for women to tell me what they don’t tell men, the women who said this were the most passionate respondents. For women who have trouble orgasming, sex could be fun, but it isn’t not because of their lack of orgasm so much as their fear they’ll disappoint their partners. They find themselves avoiding sex because they don’t want to have to endure endless attempts to bring forth an orgasm that will never come, but they still like to masturbate, even if they usually can’t reach orgasm. S So, when you’re having that talk explaining that you’re not going to freak out if she starts speaking up about her needs, be clear that you’re not going to judge her if she’s feeling like orgasms don’t have to be the star of the show every time she has sex. Many women don’t fake orgasms. But pretty much all women turn the volume up on the ones they do have, because they know you like it. This isn’t lying, but embellishment, and it would be nice if men returned the favor. Sex is no time for masculine stoicism. A little verbal appreciation in the form of moaning and groaning makes a nice two-way street. 5) Our bodies are very sensitive when aroused, so err on the gentle side. When I put the call out for suggestions for this article, this was probably the No. 1 category, with comments like, “That’s a clitoris, not an elevator button.” Nipple-twisting was also denounced, and one woman noted that not every woman is a fan of finger-banging, which can feel rough and sort of pointless. Men who dive at your genitals with their mouths were appreciated for their enthusiasm, but not so much for their technique. Overall, the feeling was that more pressure can be added as needed, but the shock to the system of having someone overdo it can be a major turnoff. Obviously, every woman is different, and even with these most general of guidelines, you’ll find dissenters. Communication between partners is the ideal. But have some sympathy on women who haven’t read enough self-help books or seen enough therapists to overcome their fear of speaking up. You might find that having patience and understanding will make it easier to draw them out over the long run. To encourage more communication, don’t make faces or act like your ego is hurt when women do push themselves to speak up. It likely took a lot of courage to do so in the first place. This post was originally featured on the Good Men Project and reposted with permission.